Saturday, April 2, 2011

I dislike haters on YouTube.

So I'm just on YouTube and clicks on one of Jlovesmac1 newest videos on "hair crisis" and I'm reading through some of her comments she get on YouTube and they're all mean and rude. Will at least some of them. I mean she's a YouTube guru and she could really careless about what people puts. But seriously, reading some of the comments makes me so ticked off. Like she's one of my favorite YouTube guru and like WTF is people even commenting rude things about her like if you can't stand her than don't watch her alsome videos. Or unless you dislike her and thinks you have to watch her videos just so you can come up with more annoying things to say about her. I adore her videos. Enough said, I think I should just make a video on it. Hmmm.