Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Married to Dallas. !

Haha so me & Dallas Frick are offically married on Facebook ! LOL. I love her. :) LOL.

Monday, April 25, 2011

People I love.

Get this :
I love you all (:
Wait ! take that back, "I love you some peoples"

I love people who makes my day.

Makes any sense ? Will then get some sense of humor. People that makes my day are obviously people I love. (: They don't cause me to stress. & I hate stressing out too. I think that stressing is a waste, when I can be spending my happy moments with the people I actually like. So I'll just enjoy life, & keep my big mouth shut. I dont really care if people hates me because its not like I like them too (:
- chellester101

Sunday, April 24, 2011

30second each other

So me, angel, mai, lisa, sandie, mike 30second with who ever we went against!
LOL! It was great, fun ! Ahahah, took video footage of it. which I have to upload in a bit !

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Big day ahead :)

Maybe do some more shopping around town with the girls. & more. Woke up early at 7:50a.m. to get our phyiscals & yea. Took about an hour or so. So going back into town to :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Shopping. & life.

Went Springbreak shopping with the girls. It was great. I have to post up my haul video. Put its not up yet so wait for that. & now chiiling witht the loves :) More laters.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Updates Spring Break with me & shelly :)

Enjoy :) News & videos later.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Home. Possible church later.

Home at the moment. Wanna go shopping really bad. Uh yea. Possible chance of going to Church tonight & play so yea. BRB. Feel like making a video. Ahhh !

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Springs Break getting closer.

Its like 11:13p.m at night, & its April 19th, 2011. Spring Break is in two more days. YAY! super excited :)
&& plus gotta practice dance. :)
Love the chubby boy :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring OOTD

This is an outfit I picked for Spring :) Enjoy.
Enjoy :)

Tattooed by Inky Perfume

I received this as a gift friend a friend of mine. Totally obsessed with the smell. Ahhh!
New video up :

Sunday, April 17, 2011

School tommorow. & Spring Break.

Usual school day tommorw. Tuesaday-Thursday Star, Tommys & the rents is going to OuterBanks. Leaving three girls home. Much fun :) Lol. Yea. & Then Spring Break Friday. Totally super excited. Ahhh. Got to make spring videos. Just stupid computer wont upload it though. Argh ! Idk. I'll find a way.

My weekend.

My weekend started off on April 16th. Lisa's party was a blast. We all had a very great time. All the hardworking ladies were there, & boy! They really deserved what they did that night. LOl. I love them. Linda, Sandie, Nyabsai, Gini, & all the others. :) There were great memories that I cant blurt out. But it should always be ingraved in my mind. LOL. :) Hah. Will, many presents I got to start ordering for. :) Not very detailed but yea. Love you ! <3

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Very long day today. Let me start out with ;
8 something a.m - woke & went to Jessica's & Allies yardsale. It was fun. :)
10 something a.m- went shopping around town til 11:30 or something a.m
11:45a.m went back to pick up something angel bought from the yardsale.
12:30 came home & clean & cook.
Stayed home since that time. & now its 11:28 p.m. & darn ! Im hungry again !
Well anywase I reorganized my vanity & makeup setup. Yup. Loving it. :)


Surprise I woke up early. 8something a.m. Yupp. & then went shoppping. Gotta make videos. Ahhhh ! :) Such  a lovely dayy today, :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Particles. !

So me & my sister was changing our bedsheets & I was like dont get particles on it. & She was like, " Its not science." & I was like "WTF" you talking about. mwahah. Pretty gay at that moment. Okk. Yea. youtube.com.chellester101

New video :)

Uploading it on youtube now. Look :

Enjoy :)

Conners Over.

So yea . Conner's over. YAY ! && but he hates my guts. ahh. Okk. well goinng to make a video now. Bye :)

Monday, April 4, 2011


Bed, then schoool in the AM. Soccer practice. :)


Eat. Then bed. Quick & easy night.  No videosa tonight. :( Pictures of the prizes I won :)

No !

So I recorded my video ready to upload but there was an error on my first videos & I had sections on it, so now. IDK. ahhhh.


So when I got home from soccer practice, I came home to find my prizes from WONDERWOMANDIVA. I won the prizes from her giveaway on youtube. & Yay, so Im going to do a video on that. & Foood. Bye.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


So I got so much to do tonight & its already 10 something. I have to go take a shower & get the sand off of me & then wash my clothes, then study while my clothes is washing. Ahhh. Thats alot of work right there. Well, off for the night. Enough.!


School in the A.M & then soccer practice in the P.M. & then makeup & the usual.
* BigTest tommorow. Oh snap !
Thats how I feel like !

Message From God :

On this day of your life, Chelle, we believe God wants you to know ... that circumstances don't make you, they reveal you. 

Dislike is not that bad. :)

So you know. There comes a time when you dislike people. Uhh so yea. I love you nyabsai !

Park today.

So today me & my love ones went to the park & played volleyball. It was great & loudsy. Hm. Well yea. This is my outfit of the day :)


So I just kinduh forgot my blog password. Yea. How lame. Gosh.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


So I'm hungry and debating to eat. I might as well. & Uhg um. Debating if I should make a tumblr too. Like I just created this one. But I feel like it will just give me more work to do. Cause I don't feel like deleting this account. Ahh. Growling stomach, will I might just do both. Going to eat then idk. Pretty tired but I don't feel like sleeping and it is a Saturday night so after all who cares. :)

I dislike haters on YouTube.

So I'm just on YouTube and clicks on one of Jlovesmac1 newest videos on "hair crisis" and I'm reading through some of her comments she get on YouTube and they're all mean and rude. Will at least some of them. I mean she's a YouTube guru and she could really careless about what people puts. But seriously, reading some of the comments makes me so ticked off. Like she's one of my favorite YouTube guru and like WTF is people even commenting rude things about her like if you can't stand her than don't watch her alsome videos. Or unless you dislike her and thinks you have to watch her videos just so you can come up with more annoying things to say about her. I adore her videos. Enough said, I think I should just make a video on it. Hmmm.


At Nyabsai's house at the moment. Cant wait to til home & get the stuff I bought in place, or you know put my things up & just organize my things. Yupp. & Uhg. I just remember I have a MAJOR science test Monday. & I got to study. Ahh, !

Haul Time.

Great day to film this video outside. Enjoy lovelys :)


Debeating if I should make a video. A haul maybe ? I just bought some items. & Kinduhh feeling lazy. I might. Idk.
& Its hot right now. So yea.

Off to Jessica's Party

So BRB. Jessica's party for the day. & I'll post up picutres and more. Later.


So Conner feel asleep for couple of hours watching "Swan Lake". & Now hes awake. & he dislikes me at the moment. Hiding in the hallwayy & he wont come out. But yea. Going to get the mail & ahh I think angel their FINALLY home. OKkk.


Its windy, & cold outside. & Im super duper cold. Under the blanket right now. Ek ! This is how cold I feel like :


Me & Conner Watching the video over and over again

LOL. This is too funnie. Me and conner watches this over and over again & laughs. Hah. Lovehimmmm.


BabbySitting Conner

Home babysitting conner. He hates me. But I found that we both like to yell at each other and do annoying things. Right now angels not here, and Conners yelling out her name " Anjo"? LOL.
I love him.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Videos I cant upload.

Due to the sucking computer & its access. I cant upload videos. Bleh. So Im going to be trying, so yyea.
Well check me out on youtube.com/chellester101 :)